Friday, July 08, 2005

My hotel room

Wow, I've never had a hotel room with so many automatic features! Lisa and I are in different rooms, which is nice since we get some privacy (and the rooms are fairly small, so my stuff takes up most of the counter and table space anyway.) It has a double bed, a tv, a Sega Saturn (game system), data connection for my computer, phone in the bathroom, and a refrigerator. Those are the relatively normal features. :)

It also has several rather unusual features that you're unlikely to see in an American hotel. When you first walk in the door, you put your room key in a little slot, which then activates the lights and air conditioning system. Without putting your key in the slot, you can't turn on the lights. When you leave the room and take your key with you, all the lights and air conditioning turn off again, saving energy. Other fancy features include several
water spritzing features on the toilet (though not the heated seat like the bathrooms in the Microsoft offices have), TV sound is played in the bathroom (so you don't miss a moment of your favorite baseball game), the big mirror in the bathroom has a section above the sink that doesn't fog up when you take a shower, and almost all of the lights in the room are controlled from the alarm clock next to the bed. Now, that may sound cool, but it took me (and Lisa, I later found out) a good ten minutes at least to find it. In fact, I finally gave up trying to turn the lights off when I went to bed and then happened to see the button when I set the alarm clock.

Lastly, my hotel room has an amazing view of Shinjuku. To the left I can see the corner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and to the right I can see Shinjuku train station.


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