Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rosenborg Slot

This lovely little castle was situated in a large park and Emily and I agreed that if we were queen, we'd rather live here than Amalienborg Palace.

The castle was fairly small and essentially housed a museum with a variety of royal heirlooms and the crown jewels down in the basement. The heirlooms and artwork were interesting. My favorite pieces were a helmet with a lion wearing a crown too big for its head and a room filled with glassware - even on tiny little shelves up by the ceiling.

The crown jewels were impressive and we both agreed on which crown we liked best and which of the royal necklaces we'd want to wear to a ball. :)

When we left the basement with the crown jewels, we discovered that it had started raining. We scurried to the museum shop, looked around, and then pulled out our hat/umbrella and continued on.


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