Sunday, August 14, 2005

Moon over the Seine (not so romantic, actually)

After our long hike back down the stairs, we walked along the Seine looking for a boat. The day before we'd seen an open-topped boat pass by that had canned tour commentary playing over the loudspeakers, alternating languages. That may not sound too exciting, but we decided we wanted to ride that boat.

We walked down a bridge or two, passing other boats which weren't quite the one we'd seen, to the Pont del Alma (or something like that) and found Bateaux Mouches (no, not Bateaux Mooses.) They had the boats we were looking for and one was about to leave for its hour-long tour of the river so we bought tickets and hopped on board.

The commentary played in about five different languages, so it didn't end up being that helpful. It did occasionally tell us what some of the pretty buildings were called and what they were used for. For some reason the English always seemed to play just as we went under a bridge, making in nearly unintelligible because of the echoes. Coincidence? Hmm...

We passed various parliament buildings and old Parisian townhouses and made our way around the island that Notre Dame is on. As we got to the far side of the island, we saw a group of youths dressed in black playing music on a landing by the river. They started yelling (in French) at the boat and one of them dropped his trousers showing us a view of his pasty white rear end. OK, bit of fashion advice folks, if you're going to drop trou - please wear light colors. Black just doesn't suit pale skin unless you're a vampire.

I didn't dignify the event with a photo as some things aren't worth remembering too clearly. We were highly amused by their antics, and enjoyed the rest of the cruise in high spirits. (Well, we were mostly happy because we were about to go to the fancy Parisian restaurant we'd made reservations for the day before.)

In addition to bored teens, the boat also passed the Musee d'Orsay (did I mention it's a refurbished train station?), the Eiffel Tower, and mini Liberty.


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