Sunday, August 07, 2005

Parliament, Big Ben, my new paparazzi career

Next, we walked through Trafalgar Square down to the Westminster area where we saw Big Ben, the Parliament buildings, the Prime Minister's home, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye (huge ferris wheel). The Parliament building is amazing because of the details of the decoration and Big Ben is very impressive. We then took the tube back up the hill to Leicester Square.

Oddly, we came upon quite a crowd in Leicester Square. We discovered that the new movie, The Island, was premiering that night so they had the red carpet out and a slough of paparazzi. A wall blocked the view of the red carpet, and holding our cameras over our heads just got us pictures of the photographers on the other side of the wall, so I sat on Emily's shoulders (did I mention she's really strong?) and snapped shots just like all the rabid fans around us. I got a few good shots of Scarlett Johanssen and Sean Bean, but Ewan McGregor was blocked by the photographer in the green shirt. It was definitely fun and pretty silly. :)

We spent the rest of the evening walking around various areas of the city including SoHo, Piccadilly Circus, Notting Hill, and Portobello Road.


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