Thursday, August 11, 2005


We only had one evening in Munich, so we spent it downtown looking at all the lovely buildings and shopping and eating (and of course, drinking beer).

We were both impressed with the shops and we could've easily spent the entire evening shopping for clothes (well, at least until the shops closed at 7 or 8). The had a huge variety of department stores, designer boutiques like Prada, Burberry, etc. and also less expensive stores. There weren't any electronics stores though.

Munich had many lion statues everywhere with strange decorations. Lions are Munich's symbol.

We really liked Marienplatz, the main square with its lovely Gothic Rathaus building. We also saw lots of other buildings that were beautiful, but I won't list them all here (just take a peek at the pictures). We also really liked the gardens next to the Royal Residence especially because some musicians were playing traditional German music in a dome in the center of the gardens.

We also stopped by what is "possibly the most famous pub in the world" according to our free tourist map. :) This is, of course, the Hofbrauhaus. It was incredibly noisy inside with lots of accordion music and loud singing. It was also packed with tourists. It reminded me a lot of Epcot center's Germany with its Hofbrau dining area. After taking a few pictures of the chaos, we left and found a nice, quite Bavarian restaurant where we had goulash and strudel and various other things I can't spell. Oh, and lots of beer.


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