Sunday, August 14, 2005

We're Back!

Neither of our flights were cancelled, so we were able to return home without too much trouble. We had a 4 1/2 hour layover at Heathrow so we did a lot of shopping while we were there. (Though we didn't buy much.) Since there would be no food served on our 10 hour flight home, we took the food coupons they gave us and used it to buy lots of chocolates. Wait, I mean we used it to buy fish and chips at the only restaurant in the terminal...(Uh yeah, that's it.) :) We also bought sandwiches to bring onto the plane.

As we arrived at our gate, a table had been set up with tons of prepackaged snack foods and bottled water. They said to take what we wanted so we grabbed several handfuls of food and hopped on the plane. We ended up with more than enough food and it was actually quite fun because it felt like a picnic.

I watched Monster-In-Law, Hitch, and The Interpreter. They were all entertaining movies, but none were particularly great. Before long, we were back in Seattle.

It was sure great to be home! I've included a few of Emily's photos of me below, including my paparazzi-in-action shot. :)

Stay tuned for my next blog entries starting around 9/1 - Sky and I are off to Atlanta, Georgia for DragonCon!


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