Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Microsoft's Shinjuku Office

Since we spent four working days here, I figured a few folks would like to see what the Shinjuku office looks like. The office is in the same tall building as our hotel, though we needed to go down to the second floor and into a different elevator to get to the Microsoft offices on the 6-19th? floors. (The hotel is floors 20+, our rooms were on floor 29.)

You might notice the orchids and other flower arrangements in the lobby picture above. The orchids are a traditional gift from one family or corporation to another. In this case, they're for the newly appointed head of our Msft Japan group. We saw some for sale at a store - they're $250!

Instead of offices, each employee has a cubicle, which aren't very large or private. Also, every last of inch of space gets used for storage.

Each floor, aside from the receptionist floor (which is all fancy conference rooms), seems to have a guest area (the wide white tables - which is where we worked), an informal conference area (the room with partitions), drink machines (the coffee drinks on the left are free, the rest are about half subsidized), and a confusing array of trash bins.


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