Monday, July 11, 2005

Roppongi Hills

After a long day of work, Lisa and I went to Roppongi Hills for dinner. Roppongi Hills is a fancy complex of restaurants, shops, and a cineplex just west of Roppongi in Tokyo. Lisa suggested we skip the highrises and instead investigate some of the smaller streets, which all had more character.

We stopped at a nice little restaurant called Roppongi Momiji-ya, which was an izakaya. An izakaya is a kind of bar that serves food family-style (in the middle of the table so everyone shares.) We had some great sake and a great variety of dishes, which were all very good.

Afterward, we headed back to Roppongi Hills to get a few pictures.

Movie List with lots of American movies shown and a view of Tokyo Tower

Weird Spider Sculpture Thing at Roppongi Hills


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