Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sweden, ja!

It was early afternoon and we'd already seen the major sights in Copenhagen, so we said "What the heck!" and hopped on a train to Sweden. Thanks to the 7km Øresund bridge, it's only about a 35 minute train ride from Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden.

We were very happy that we decided to visit Sweden. I loved all the old buildings and churches in Malmö. The castle was worth skipping (and also closed because of a wedding), but the St Petri Kyrka (Church) was quite pretty. We walked in just as a bunch of dudes in kilts were finishing up Amazing Grace on their bagpipes. (Yes, it was strange.) There were quite a few men in tuxedos around. They wore blue ribbons with a triangular pendant around their necks. Emily chatted with one as I was photographing the Scotsmen. It turns out that every eight years, the 300 or so druids in Scandinavia get together, do a lot of singing, and have a big party. I'm not sure if he meant druids, like the ancient human-sacrificing Celtic sorcerors or maybe something more like the Freemasons. :) Anyway, we had a great dinner in Malmö and then returned to Denmark for a night on the town.


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