Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Odaiba & Tokyo Big Sight

On Wednesday, we went to a healthcare conference with our colleagues. The conference was held at Tokyo Big Sight, a huge convention center in Odaiba. The conference center was very large, though we only saw one building of it. I think there was more than one convention going on at the time.

Weird sculpture at Tokyo Big Sight

Keiichi Iijima-san gave a 15 minute presentation on how great the Tablet PC is for doctors and nurses. Notice the girl in white dress which says Microsoft on the side of it? She's a booth babe! Who knew Microsoft had booth babes... Many of the booths had them (one was even dressed in a somewhat skimpy nurse outfit!) Most were dressed similar to ours in a variety of uniforms.

Odaiba is relatively famous for being reclaimed land (landfill built into Tokyo Bay). There was a lot of new construction going on and the buildings tended to be fairly large and fancy because the land cost is reasonable (though I'd hate to see their earthquake insurance bills!) The pictures below are taken from inside the Yurikamome train back to Tokyo, which feels a bit like a monorail because it's a couple stories off the ground. The train actually crosses the huge bridge you see below.


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